The Jordan Ireland Business Association reflects the excellent bilateral relations Ireland has with Jordan. Established in September of 2019, JIBA follows the opening of the first Embassy of Ireland to Jordan in January of the same year and the interest of both Jordanian and Irish Governments in strengthening trading relationships between our two countries.

Since March 2020, JIBA as all other Business Associations faced difficulties in holding the usual face to face meetings to promote trade between Jordan and Ireland. We started in April organizing events virtually which were moderately successful.  The pandemic presented a wide range of difficulties but also presented opportunities in the Food, Beverage, Education, Pharmaceuticals and ICT sectors.

Being part of an association during these challenging times gives businesses a channel to identify new business opportunities where they can find support from other members in the form of lessons learnt in how to adapt to this new business environment and also help find solutions to other problems.

Providing networking opportunities for all our members through the convening of regular meetings focused on sectors where trade growth is planned and being established.

  1. Get access to a wide array of JIBA contacts and statistical information through the JIBA Member website page and social media platforms.
  2. Providing valuable information to our members about existing trade relationships and areas where trade growth is feasible between Jordan and Ireland.
  3. Have JIBA’s support in building business to business relationship with Irish companies
  4. Be part of our bi-monthly business meetings focused on distinct thematic sectors of interest to JIBA members and receive full readouts of the meetings.
  5. The planning of visits by business delegations from Ireland to Jordan and from Jordan to Ireland.
  6. Engagement with key Irish and Jordanian political and business leaders to guide the work of the Association and its members.
  7. Building links with Irish State agencies such as Enterprise Ireland, Bord BIA, Tourism Ireland and IDA in the MENA region
  8. Learn from the experiences of other JIBA members in exporting to and importing from Ireland
  9. Be involved in the development of new trade opportunities between Ireland and Jordan
  10. Arrangement of business introductions and the organization of business to business events, opportunities and webinars.
  11. Gain a direct line of communication to the trade services provided by the Embassy of Ireland in Jordan as a Member of JIBA.

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Fees for Corporate Membership is JD 120, and allows access to up to 3 people Fees for Individual Membership is JD 50, and allows access for 1 person.

For more information please call +962-79-8236890 or email