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Irelands bilateral and trade relationship with Jordan

Ireland has excellent bilateral relations with Jordan. Reflecting this, and of Irelands ambition of increasing its number of diplomatic missions worldwide, the Irish Government, in November 2017, agreed to open an Embassy in Jordan.

This decision was made on the basis of the Irish Government’s commitment to strengthen bilateral relations with Jordan; in recognition of its key role in the Middle East Peace Process, the importance of the country in responding to the humanitarian crises in the region (primarily Syria and Yemen), and the prospects for deepening Irelands trading relationship with the country.

A variety of business, education and consular links reinforces this relationship. Our relationship has been further strengthened following recent bilateral meetings between Simon Coveney, Irelands Foreign Minister and Jordan’s Foreign Minister Safadi.

Dr Vincent O’Neill was appointed as Irelands first resident Ambassador to Jordan. He arrived in Amman and presented Credentials to His Majesty King Abdullah II on March 6th of this year.The new mission opened following Dr O’Neill’s arrival in Amman in January 2019. Prior to this, Mr Ramsey Khoury, a Jordanian businessman, served as Ireland’s Honorary Consul for the past 16 years

It is estimated that there are around 250 Irish citizens are resident in the Jordan and up to 400 Jordanians are resident in Ireland.

Ireland is a member of the European Union and actively engages and participates in all EU policies and institutions. Having a resident mission in Jordan will allow for a more engaged approach between the European Union and Jordan.



While trade with Jordan is relatively modest at present, there is significant potential for growth, and trade between the two countries has grown steadily over the past four years.

Trade between Jordan and Ireland in 2018 was valued at €140 million, representing a 72% increase since 2013. Trade in goods with Jordan has increased 40% since 2013 and was worth €81 million in 2016, of which €78 million was exports and €3 million was imports. Trade in services was valued at €59 million, all of which was exports. This represents a 159% increase on 2013 levels.

Principal goods exported to Jordan include edible products, essential oils and perfumes; medical and pharmaceutical products; office and data processing machines. Principal goods imported from Jordan to Ireland include medical and pharmaceutical products; articles of apparel and clothing accessories.

A market analysis undertaken by Ireland in 2018 pointed to significant potential for increasing the volumes of trade (in goods and services) between Ireland and Jordan. Sectors which have potential for growth include Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, ICT, Fintech, Tourism, Agri-tech, Food and beverage, Telecommunications and Clean Energy.

The Embassy of Ireland is committed also to working with the Jordanian authorities to forge institutional links between our two countries with a view to exchanging experiences and technical expertise that can inform trade growth and serve our mutual economic interests.